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I’m Deborah, a true believer that everyone has a story to tell.

I have a rockstar, hilarious husband who can be rigid in his thinking and behavior.  (He agrees with that assessment.) We are parents of two awesome children who inherited my husband’s good looks and humor, as well as that same rigid thinking. Get to that in a moment.

We love family traditions like late-night ice cream trips in the drive-thru or our annual trek to Florida where we pack up the car and bicker for 18 hours.

Thats’s true love.

We also juggle a seesaw of emotions: ADHD, Anxiety, Tourette Syndrome, and OCD are familiar words in our home.

And it almost broke us.

After hitting a family low point, we made some major discoveries within ourselves and vowed to make the necessary changes to reduce the chaos.  Not eliminate it, but not live each day just trying to stay afloat.  No more feeling like a pinball that bounces back and forth in a machine.

We needed a roadmap.  And I was determined to find a new path to understanding our challenges.

A night of sleeping in my car in the parking lot of our local grocery store to escape an argument with my (at the time, not yet ADHD-diagnosed) husband was my wake-up call to travel a different road.

That was 4 years ago.

Things are different now.  We have learned how to be mindful in our actions and live purposefully among the varied emotions.

I decided to share our experiences after talking to others over the years and discovering that you, too, have similar journeys.  Life is too short to travel alone, so hop in. That’s my story.  What’s yours?