If you’re reading this, you are likely where I was several years ago.  Frustrated, hopeless, feeling a little isolated.  I know those feelings.  We travel similar paths.

I know exactly what you’re going through.

Unexplained reactions that didn’t seem to match the situation.  Meltdowns over a change in plans.  Two hours to fall asleep with bedtime routines that were exhausting.  Homework that would take forever but then never get turned in.  You name it, it happened. All with a big question mark on how to improve our lives. Instead of getting better, we would literally just GET BY.

Keeping our heads barely above water until we collapsed on our beds for the night, hardly ready to repeat the process the following day.

Is this you? (Grab a FREE copy of the 7 Do’s & Don’ts for Raising Kids with ADHD‘ by clicking HERE.)

It took a long 9 years to find out how to help my family with ADHD (kids and husband) function best, as well as how I (non-ADHD) should react in those situations.  I eventually learned that parenting a bit differently and consistently (guilty!) was key to getting the behavior that we wanted from our children.  I also learned that sometimes kids with these hurdles need some guidance socially.

We got results.

I knew others were in my shoes, needing a nudge on how to make it all work for their family.  So, I put it all together, from the different techniques we use in our home to reduce emotions from spinning out of control to understanding why over-scheduling kids with ADHD can be an emotional-overload, and how to improve getting kids to listen the first time…I gathered it all.  It is the course that could be the game-changer for you and those who mean the most, a course to help other ADHD families (whether it affects one child, two children, husband, wife, or multiple relatives.) We travel a different route now.  We are happy!

You can be, too.



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