As a Mom, watching your child suffer through panic attacks from anxiety is painful. I can’t imagine any parent not wanting to trade places with their daughter or son.  It is one of the most difficult things I’ve had to witness.  We tried everything, even illogical bribes, which of course don’t work. There isn’t a button that can be flipped and kids just ‘get over it.’

Anxiety is suffocating.

Our youngest son had a difficult two years of off-and-on panic attacks that paralyzed him from the outside world.  He turned down social invites with friends and his worries were inevitable.  Going to school or baseball practice was difficult, and he badly wanted to be able to experience these activities like his friends without worrying that panic would set in without warning.

He would ask me ‘When will it just go away?’

We worked hard with his doctor to give him the tools he needed to overcome, and give him back his independence.  We gave his anxiety a name.  He learned how to rely on his strengths, things he was good at doing.

And one day, things began to improve.

Every kid suffering from anxiety needs a toolbox of their own, so my son and I created this workbook for children called ‘Raising the Blinds on Anxiety.’ 

It’s the book I wish we had during those heart-wrenching two years.

Purchase this downloadable workbook for $14.95 and give your kids the tools they need to manage their worries!


Read more about our journey with panic attacks (including the sleepover where my son text me over 70 times, in need of reassurance) here.