Four years ago, my husband was diagnosed with ADHD and anxiety. The red flags were there, we just didn’t connect the dots.

In the first 13 years of our marriage, there were many unexplained instances between us where his reaction didn’t seem to match the situation. I couldn’t wrap my head around it.

A pattern of unfinished tasks around the home, impulsiveness, short tempers and a struggle to get out of bed eventually led us to a doctor who, after gathering information about my husband’s childhood and adult years, was convinced he was living with ADHD.

It all made sense.

And one day, my husband told me that the news was like ‘Raising the Blinds’ on the past 40 years of his life.

I felt for him.

The diagnosis changed his life.  And it saved our marriage. I knew then that if it helped us, it could be the game changer that helps others! Some marriages don’t survive, but I vowed to tell my story if it meant I could save a family from being broken.

Coming soon, my ebook ‘9 Signs Your Spouse May Have ADHD: A Wife’s Perspective.’