Rolling With the Punches: ADHD, Anxiety, OCD, Tourette Syndrome

Hi, I’m Deb.

In my family, we like to laugh.  We’re a typical family: Husband, wife and two kids. Giant dog who takes up the majority of the bed.  Two working parents, both sons involved in sports, yet a family of four who has learned to roll with the punches when necessary.

Like always.

That’s because we navigate the uncharted waters of ADHD and Anxiety, some OCD, Tourette Syndrome and other struggles.  Pretty sure we have it all covered.  We’re a pizza with all the toppings. Because a plain, cheese pizza is boring.

Nine years ago, I was a mom of two staring at a doctor who bluntly told me ‘Your son has ADHD. And something called Tourettes. Read this book and continue to live your life.‘ I walked to my car trying to make sense of it all and thought, ‘That’s it?

Yep, that was it. Cue the endless Google searches which did nothing more than confuse me with medical terms I didn’t understand.  I began reading books and writing my thoughts in a journal, and getting second opinions.  At the same time, my husband and I were trying to understand why wearing jeans would result in our youngest screaming before school and haircuts or hot showers were painful experiences which ended in tears.

Many years and 4 diagnoses later, (including my other son and a revelation about my husband’s puzzling reactions of his own that added stress to the marriage…Hint: ADHD!) we have managed to turn our family from chaos to calm.  Okay, not the calm you hear in church, but we’re happy-calm.

You can be, too.

If you’ve discovered this site, you live what I live.  You know words like meltdowns, impulsiveness, and overwhelmed.  You know what it’s like when bedtime routines take hours because brains can’t settle down, or the daily stress that keeps you barely afloat. Convinced I can reach others who may be starting or living a similar journey, I have decided to share my story and techniques for a calmer family life.

I remember telling a friend a few months ago, if I only help ONE family, it will be worth it.

We call it Raising the Blinds on your life.  Letting some sunlight in the window, because there is a different way of doing things.  Strengthening families, including yours, like I did for my own.


Read more HERE to learn about why we took our son to the doctor in the first place.


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