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Hey, parents!

I’m Deb! I want to invite you to a new FREE challenge that will help improve your child’s behavior! A child with ADHD is often criticized (at school and at home) and constantly corrected. As a result, they begin to expect the corrections, and consider themselves the bad kid. Over time, a child can adopt a ‘why bother’ attitude regarding efforts toward following rules and doing what is expected.

‘I couldn’t understand why I was always in trouble.’

~A child, following his diagnosis with ADHD.

This child knew what was expected, but couldn’t DO what was expected, due to his ADHD. What is ADHD? It is a brain difference that causes one to react and respond impulsively, without thinking about past experience or future consequences. Kids with ADHD live in a ‘now’ world, they live in the moment, acting first and thinking later.

You can imagine the negative responses they receive, all day, every day.

A child with ADHD who hears praise on a consistent basis will begin to see themselves as capable and work toward continuing the behavior that is being commended. Wanna jumpstart the kind of parenting your child needs in order to receive the type of behavior you really want?

Then get ready for ADHD Superparents: Find the Good 3-Day Challenge! And did I mention that it’s FREE? Yep, free for YOU! Plus, extras!

This challenge includes a daily email to your inbox describing that day’s activity, FREE parenting PDF’s, Facebook community love and another surprise when the challenge is complete!

Ready to jump-start the behavior you really want to see from your child?

Sign up below! And be sure to join our private Facebook community so you can chat about your progress with other parents. I will be there as well!

The ADHD Superparents: Find the Good 3-Day Challenge begins Monday, May 29th! 

Talk to you soon!

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